About the Teacher

ABOUT THE TEACHER – Zoe Marciniak (Yoga Alliance UK, RYT 200h, GSY-L1 and L2)

Zoe Marciniak (Yoga Alliance UK, Associate Level 2 RYT 200h and GSY-L1 and L2) started practicing yoga in 1999 and became a hatha yoga teacher in 2013 and Gentle Somatic Yoga Foundation level in 2017 and Practitioner Level 1 in October 2018 and L2 in 2020 (Sheffield’s first teacher to run dedicated somatic yoga classes).

She is an eternal student, who regularly keeps her knowledge fresh through attendance at yoga and Gentle Somatic Yoga workshops and weekly Feldenkrais lessons, and blends her understanding of her teachers with hatha yoga, anatomy,  functional movement, fascia and its effects on movement, Hanna Somatic Education in to her lessons – the result of which are varied yoga lessons with an inquisitive approach to poses and a yoga practice where freedom of movement comes with much less effort – using the body’s natural ability.

She brings her experience, humour and warmth to every class.  She prior to lockdown was teaching busy in person classes of her own around Sheffield in Bents Green, Ecclesall, Millhouses and Nether Edge, as well as at Nuffield Health and Graves Health and Leisure.  She has taught at the University of Sheffield, Virgin Active and offered courses at Silverdale School as part of courses to develop lifelong skills for students.  She has developed classes for Sheffield Wednesday football club and Rotherham United football club.  Privately, she has taught a Team GB athlete and has provided one to one tuition to a premiership football player and a Premier League football manager.

Before she became a yoga and Somatics teacher, Zoe was an accountant for more than 10 years.  After the birth of her son in 2009, she decided she needed a life change, so gave it all up to become a yoga teacher.  She studied with Bahia Yoga, and also attended trainings in Sri Lanka, India, Japan, Australia and the US.

A life-long student, Zoe is constantly updating her skills by attending workshops and has the following qualifications:

Yoga Alliance YT200h

Gentle Somatic Yoga P1 and P2

Vasistha method of pranayama

Tiffany Cruikshank of Yoga Medicine – Yoga Anatomy

She’s completed a course of functional yoga run by Alexandria Crowe of Yoga Physics,  which seeks to dissect and reimagine classical yoga poses and adapt them to actual students in the real world.

She has a strong understanding of how a body should move and blends her influences and learning into her teachings, which can make classes fun, interesting and varied.

Zoe regularly run 10Ks, triathlons (sprint and standard) and marathons, having completed the Paris marathon twice as well as the Nice and Berlin Marathons.   Zoe also is qualified to scuba dive and likes to climb.  Practicing yoga  is a good companion to all of these activities, both in terms of mindset, performance, recovery post training and event, knowing what is right for the body and reduction of injury.

Zoe’s ethos…

Blending different influences – including somatic education and Feldenkrais inspired movement, classes flow with precise instruction to enable the student to be in the moment, yet feel they are gaining knowledge of how a posture should truly feel to them. Everyone is individual and so should your movement practice be. In classes, students are asked to practice with awareness through movement which helps students to experience yoga postures more comfortably, easily and beneficially, eliminating pain and strain and to not do postures by rote. The improved balance, flexibility, and strength students gain can help them to excel in, not only with holding postures but also, moving in and out of them more freely and with carrying out actions in daily life. Yoga is an ancient form of movement which blends mind, body and breath and – originally – the postures purposes were to prepare the body to sit and prepare for meditation. Zoe’s ethos turns this on its head. We spend so much time sitting at desks, on sofas and in cars, that whilst that adage may be true, Zoe uses yoga to help us stand up straight again. We should feel strong and feel free to move.