Timetable, Classes and Workshops


With hatha yoga classes and Somatic yoga offered morning and evening with varying levels of practice, hopefully there is a class for you.  If you are new to yoga and would like to try an introductory lesson all first lessons are PAY AS YOU FEEL. After that you are welcome to join for a month on a one class per week basis,  pay a fee and get unlimited classes (and recordings) or drop in.  The unlimited class option has proven very popular.

Classes can be booked by emailing your contact details to zoe@life-yoga.co.uk or texting YOGA to 0791 225 7899.

Here’s the outdoor yoga and online YOGA schedule…


Obviously at this time  your income may have been affected by the pandemic and I really want to ensure that if you want to practice yoga with a live person (albeit on a small screen!) particularly if your health and wellbeing is suffering,  so I’m offering a few options…

Free classes  to those who have lost income and are struggling with financial and/ or wellbeing. However,  I know some people might still want to contribute towards their lesson (I lost all of the classes I taught, so if you feel you want to pay, a donation  of whatever you feel ous appropriate (not a problem)

However,  if you can afford to…

For 75 minute lessons

  • 1 class a week per month at £28 per month
  • More than 1 class a week at £35 per month (includes a recording of each weekly lesson)
  • Drop in, irregular classes  at £9 per class or whatever you feel

Or for 60 minute classes

  • 1 class a week per month at £24 per month
  • More than 1 class a week at £30 per month (includes a somatic yoga recording)
  • Drop in, irregular classes  at £9 per class or whatever you feel

Prices for 1-1 sessions are listed on the One-One page here

Details of what the Hatha and Gentle Somatic Yoga lessons entail are below. For a more in depth discussion about Gentle Somatic Yoga see the Gentle Somatic Yoga page.


Hatha Yoga – Mixed Level

Classes are aimed at all abilities and are taught mindfully, asking students to pay attention to how they experience a posture (everyone has a different range of movement). Poses are often sequenced (linking postures that fit well together) so the body can fluidly drift between poses, whilst ensuring are in control of their movements and practicing comfortably.  A key aim of Zoe’s ethos is to encourage individual students to gain a deep understanding and awareness of their own body’s ability and then to encourage practice with attentive curiosity. So that practice becomes your own, and you grow to be your own teacher.

Gentle Somatic Yoga classes

Gentle Somatic Yoga is based on the work of Thomas Hanna (Hanna Somatic Education) and the work of James Knight (Gentle Somatic Yoga). These classes suit every ability and body (young/old, injured/healthy) and are very very relaxing.  They are mat based (usually lying down or on fronts or on our sides, occasionally standing and sometimes on knees).  The classes incorporate slow, mindful movements that amplify bodily awareness. The practitioner is aiming to self-correct and permanantly release persistent stress-based patterns from within their body (soma). Hanna Somatic Education aims to reprogramme muscles as participants work mindfully, focussing awareness on moving, sensing how muscles being used, in order to gain control of muscles and therefore freedom of movement.  Students practice small repetitive movements and then relax, allowing the body and mind to absorb the fruits of their work.  The benefits of these classes is that they can help erradicate sensory motor amnesia and students can learn how to relax the body. These classes can help with symptoms of chronic lower back pain, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, hip pain, poor posture amongst other problems.

General notes about yoga practice

  • Please let the teacher know beforehand of any injuries or physical conditions you may have, so that advice can  be given to you, or to allow adjustments to the class plan, if necessary.  It has happened that a class has been changed to suit the participants on the day.  Zoe likes to listen!
  • Always work to your own abilities.  The wisdom of inner listening is always key.  Everyone comes to class with different bodies (range of movement as well as conditions and abilities).
  • Do not to eat for a couple of hours before coming to class.  If you need to eat, then a small snack such as fruit is fine.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move around freely in and that will give you warmth. Layering is always nice.
  • Bring a yoga mat if you have one and any props (cushions or blocks – to make things more comfortable).  Please bring a blanket too.


One to One Classes

Why not try a bespoke, tailored class, with one to one attention in the comfort of your own home?  Please contact me for details.  The benefits of working one to one is that we can target specific areas that you wish to improve on in a class devoted just to you.  I can also accommodate people at my own premises.  Please contact me for a price.  Block booked prices are charged at a reduced rate.



When : To be decided
Where : To be decided
Cost : £20

Did you know you could release muscle tension and gain a freedom of movement in a relaxing way without stretching, like we do in yoga and Pilates?

Gentle Somatic Yoga (based on Hanna Somatic Education) uses the scientific principles discovered by Thomas Hanna, PhD to reeducate the mind in how we move and enhance personal awareness of ones body. The word Somatics comes from a Greek word meaning mind body.

Thomas realised every body to some degree unconsciously responds to certain situations in daily lives with an in built reflex. These reflexes can over time lead to unhelpful ways of moving and also pain. Somatic movement works with the parasympathetic nervous system (soma) in order to relax unconsciously held tensions and therefore move with more ease. We do this by performing repeated relaxing movements.

Much of the class is performed seated or laying down and is suitable for beginners to experienced movers.

This workshop will lead us through some simple movements which when practiced regularly can release tension patterns in the low back, hips and shoulders.

To book or to find out more information, please call Zoe in 0791 225 7899 or email zoe@life-yoga.co.uk

Previous Workshops…..

•November 2019, September 2019, March 2019 – Introduction of Gentle Somatic Yoga at Nether Edge and The Power of Yoga in Greenhill

•September 2018 – Gentle Somatic Yoga workshop at Jenny’s Yoga and Pilates

•May 2018 – Gentle Somatic Yoga workshop at Jenny’s Yoga and Pilates

•March 2018 – Gentle Somatic Yoga Introduction masterclass at Nuffield Health

•April 2017 – Yoga for Runners at Nuffield Health

If you would like to host Zoe as your guest teacher, contact zoe@life-yoga.co.uk to check availability